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A consistent connection of caring and love between client and therapist heals the mind, body and soul.

I cannot believe how good I feel!


 I recently had the opportunity to meet the ladies over at CannaBody Direct and have a massage with CBD oil. I cannot believe the impact that has made on the pain that I have had in my left foot for quite some time... The decreased inflammation and decreased pain, just incredible! I cannot wait to go back again. 


- Jody H., Founder of HerQuest

Feeling better than I have in years!


 [My neck] feels better than it has in years. I'd say probably better than the last six years. My knee feels a lot better. The injury is pretty deep, so it looks like it will take awhile to get it completely back to normal, but it does feel a lot better.  


- Greg F., Engineer

CBD massage is a real blessing.


 I have noticed an increase in my sense of well-being, especially acutely for the next few days afterwards...I feel like the CBD oil has helped me in the massages to lessen pain and that's been a real blessing to me.


- Katie C., Nurse


I recommend it to anybody.


 I have been getting massage every couple of weeks... [The CBD oil] is really making my muscles feel better, more so than before when [my masseuse] didn’t use it. I‘d recommend it to anybody! 


- Bobby W., Long-Time Client

The pain relief was amazing!

 I just had a spot treatment with CannaBodyDirect. I had a little bit of oil massaged into my chronic back pain, a spot on my back that keeps me up at night, and the pain relief was amazing! I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to the next treatment. 

- Alan O., Mechanic


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